the space to be

A second womb for your rebirth,
unfold into your true nature.

"Healing is a movement toward wholeness."
Michael Lerner


Explore the ocean of your being, uncover the truth of who you are.

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'Soma' is from the early Greek which refers to the living body in its wholeness.

Feeling stuck or confused?
Need a safe space to process an experience, to grieve, or to heal?

Somatic Inquiry is helpful in developing your capacity and uncovering your truth (especially through times of anxiety or confusion or creative blocks.) In Somatic Inquiry, we tap on the body as the doorway to accessing inner guidance and healing.

It can be challenging staying with yourself through strong emotions and sensations to process an experience. I will be your space holder and guide to support you in being with and meeting whatever arises in the moment. Through questions and reflections, together, we'll explore your experience (sensations, emotions, tensions, thoughts), and develop your ability to be with your experience.

Somatic Inquiry is a gentle approach towards knowing yourself, feeling into your edges, and exploring your inner landscapes. As you uncover new truths about yourself, you develop new perspectives and new relationships with your past, which inform you on how to be and how to proceed. Inquiry is meant to be a gradual discovery and unfolding.

  • Develop the capacity to be with what-is
  • Develop empathy and self-love
  • Better understand your experiences; why you feel what you felt.
  • Open new pathways and possibilities
  • Live with more ease and confidence


Single 50-min sessions or package of 10 x hourly sessions
Experience a free 30-min inquiry call in exchange for feedback and review.

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What clients have said

" Rosslyn's summaries, observations, and questions guided me in going deeper and picking exactly the right places that needed attention. Also, I loved her voice and the compassion in it. It helped to create a warm space where I can cry and connect to myself. I enjoyed this type of attention on my body, the smooth spot-on questions and observations, I like the method of checking what the body says, asks for, whether it's friendly or not, how do we treat it. The biggest takeaway is the realization that my body is acting as my protector in times of stress. I wouldn't have had these realizations without this session. For me, this was a life-changing experience."

~ Stefani Lefterova

" The session was positive and productive. I learned new skills for working through periods of very intense emotions. I liked being able to be open and honest with Rosslyn in sharing my experiences and my story. I liked the somatic aspects of it, and having time to process and review the different events in a compact time period. It absolutely supported me; the actual work being done and her compassionate presence were very powerful for me. Rosslyn was fully present, I could be myself and have my own experience and be supported. I appreciate also the extended support in the follow-up emails; her recognition of me and the actions that help ease my process."

~ Mary Devine

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