POS • SI • BIL • I • TY

(unspecific) qualities of a promising nature


I bring all of me to support your unfoldment.

My curiosity and compassion; my life experiences and learnings;
my skills acquired specifically in areas of inquiry*, Enneagram work, somatic work, and more.

1:1 Integral Coaching & Inquiry


Perceptive inquiry, spaciousness, and compassion. Be welcomed into a warm, gentle, and safe holding.


Set yourself on the path toward long-term excellence and sustainable growth that's self-generating and self-correcting. Uncover new possibilities, and step into a new way of being.

Leave each session with a renewed sense of possibility. Experience the lightness of your being. See yourself in a way that you had not expected or had forgotten.

Bespoke. Alive to your needs

I might recommend practices and resources in support of your growth. These are customised just for you, alive to the issue you bring or what emerges from our work together.

What is inquiry?

Inquiry is a gentle approach towards knowing yourself, feeling into your edges, and exploring your inner landscapes. As you uncover new truths about yourself, you develop new perspectives and new relationships with your past, which inform you of how to be and how to proceed.

How I'll support you?

I will be your safe space, your mirror, and your fellow sojourner in uncovering your truth.

What's required?

Curiosity and openness to know yourself. This is not talk-therapy. You have to be committed to doing the work.

What can coaching and inquiry do for you?

Life is not always a straight and easy path, and you don't have to go at it alone. We each need support and reflection in looking out for our blindspots. I'm here to support you to navigate your metamorphosis.

Without judgement nor justification, let's explore your growth together.

Are you...

  • Feeling disconnected from yourself?
  • Feeling stuck, lost, or unfulfilled in life?
  • Suffering from a lack of meaning and purpose?
  • Overwhelmed by what life throws at you?
  • Curious about the richness within you?
  • Wanting to better serve with your gifts?

Let's do The Work together.

  • Step into your own power and live into your fullest potential
  • Lead an authentic life and express yourself unapologetically
  • Be more intentional and purposeful with your life
  • Develop self-compassion, self-love, and the capacity to be with what-is
  • Live with greater ease and confidence

The list goes on. If any of these speak to you, let's embark on a journey together to deepen and develop your capacity.

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How I charge?

Can transparent communication work in a business?

I don't know but I would like to try.

It has been truly difficult for me to determine my rates. I want to do the work I love, and bring this work to people who can benefit from it. I'd like it to be accessible to people. At the same time, I want to get paid well—be compensated for the value I provide, and lead a comfortable life such that I don't have to worry about my livelihood next month.

And I want to build my dream, a resting place, a sanctuary for weary souls to rest and come home to themselves. A temporary shelter from the world of worries and anxiety. Which could manifest as a cafe or a second-hand bookstore. And I'm going to need funds to move toward that.

So here's my proposal for my rates (in USD)

A sliding scale of $180 - $360 per session.

After each session, I invite you to make a financial contribution that expresses the value that you received from our work together, and that is aligned with the integrity of your financial means.

If it is helpful, my clients pay me an average of $290/session.
In a session, I can work with you from 60min up to 90min. It does not mean the longer the better. It's more of how much space and time is required to allow the natural unfoldment without rushing to an agenda. It's inner work, which can very much feel like a workout.

Cannot decide and prefer a straightforward package price?

If you are comfortable making a full or half the payment upfront, I am happy to offer you
Option 1: 12 sessions at $3,400. This is within a duration of 6 months.
Option 2: 18 sessions at $5,000. This is within a duration of 1 year.

Or make me an offer?

If you're sincere and committed in doing the work, I am certainly open to explore other options with you.

I'm looking to journey together with you, and ultimately, it is my intention to help my clients develop into self-generative and self-corrective beings who can grow toward long-term excellence. It does not serve me at all to keep you coming back over many years even if that ensures a consistent income for me.

Unsure of what you might get out of our work together?

Book a free 30-min consultation call or check out what others have said.

Book a free 30-min consultation

Gracious words from precious souls

Rosslyn radiated warmth (which I felt even from across a Zoom screen) and created a safe and welcoming space for me to open up about my fears and self-doubts. She is a careful listener who is able to zoom in on my negative thought patterns and tease out the assumptions behind them. She nudged me to be curious about why I act in certain ways and to question if the behaviour is serving me or not. I like how she explained the theory behind some of the approaches she used during coaching, such as the Eneagram, and also provided me with very useful reading materials on these.

I also appreciate how Rosslyn is very sensitive to my energy and voice levels, and offered me precious insights into how I show up in my body. Some of her observations allowed me to see myself in a new light and reconnect with parts of myself that I have forgotten or neglected. All in all, I am very thankful for her cheerful encouragement and the quality of her attention.

Ai Li, Ho

6-month Coaching Program

Rosslyn's summaries, observations, and questions guided me in going deeper and picking exactly the right places that needed attention. Also, I loved her voice and the compassion in it. It helped to create a warm space where I can cry and connect to myself. I enjoyed this type of attention on my body, the smooth spot-on questions and observations, I like the method of checking what the body says, asks for, whether it's friendly or not, how do we treat it. The biggest takeaway is the realization that my body is acting as my protector in times of stress. I wouldn't have had these realizations without this session. For me, this was a life-changing experience.

Stefani Lefterova

Inquiry Session

The session was positive and productive. I learned new skills for working through periods of very intense emotions. I liked being able to be open and honest with Rosslyn in sharing my experiences and my story. I liked the somatic aspects of it, and having time to process and review the different events in a compact time period. It absolutely supported me; the actual work being done and her compassionate presence were very powerful for me. Rosslyn was fully present, I could be myself and have my own experience and be supported. I appreciate also the extended support in the follow-up emails; her recognition of me and the actions that help ease my process.

Mary Devine

Inquiry Session

While working with Rosslyn, I was mostly based in West Africa and we worked across many countries and time zones. She was extremely flexible and accommodating. She was very intuitive and could tell when I was rushed, flustered or stressed or needed a couple of minutes to prepare for our sessions.

Rosslyn is very consistent in the questions she asks. She exudes patience and empathy in all her interactions whether it’s through her facial expressions or even her tone. She allows for silences for you to think and share more deeply and gives you space for reflection. We were two strangers Skyping regularly and I felt completely comfortable talking to Rosslyn every time.

She is also a great listener and very perceptive. Sometimes I would be so stressed with work that I would be very short via Skype, but Rosslyn helped me to take a breath and the space to work on myself and to give ME this time during our call.

I genuinely enjoyed talking with Rosslyn over the course of 4 months. She taught me practical skills using feasible activities and effective tools to achieve my goals, helped me verbalize my thoughts clearly, and guided me along my journey of self reflection. She’s a natural coach.

Thank you Rosslyn for your wisdom and guidance. It was very much appreciated.

Kristely B.

Washington, D.C.
6-month Coaching Program

Rosslyn provided a comfortable, non-judgmental, calming environment that allowed me to share openly and honestly. Through my time working with her as a coach, I was able to overcome personal struggles, understand myself more deeply, and better process my emotions to reduce anxiety.

Morgan B.

Washington, D.C.
6-month Coaching Program

The coaching experience was nothing short of wonderful. The assessments given were unbiased, and they served to be an important support throughout. The distinctions and encouragement really helped to remind myself, and became my fuel to move forward.

Rosslyn made me feel at ease and gave me a sense of comfort in every conversation. I never failed to feel positive and recharged after every session.

Adeline L.

6-month Coaching Program


*Integral coaching is an ongoing, evolving methodology which draws on integral theory, pragmatism, ontology, linguistics, biology and neuroscience, adult learning theory, and Eastern wisdom.


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