Every seedling deserves a safe space to flourish.


As an Integral Coach, I free people from their limited view of themselves, inviting them to live from their essence. "Integral" means inclusive of everything, entire, complete, whole. At its deepest root, Integral Coaching refers to a way of coaching that works with the WHOLE of you as a human being.

My approach is one of gentle and natural unfoldment—being with your experience, meeting yourself in whatever’s emerging and ready to emerge, each moment, exploring more, feeling your edge, and stretching a little more.


Discovering your truth

Inquiry is dear to my heart and soul. It has supported my own development, and I wish to bring this process to you.

Using my wealth of experience with inquiry methods , I guide you in exploring your three centers of intelligence to uncover your truth. We can begin with what’s arising in your present experience, or delve into your past experiences.

Simply meet yourself with sincere curiosity.

*Diamond Inquiry, Compassionate Inquiry, and Somatic Inquiry, Writing Inquiry.


Becoming the empathetic witness for yourself

Trauma is not what happens to us, but what we hold inside in the absence of an empathetic witness.
—Peter A. Levine

Our body needs to digest what we take in. It’s not just physical food we digest but experiences and impressions too. I work with you to process your old stories and experiences frozen in time, so your story can continue.

Here is where you will shed old skin and release what’s no longer yours to carry.


Honoring and owning your parts

Healing is a movement toward wholeness.
—Michael Lerner

As you uncover another aspect of you, we work toward healing and integrating it into your Self.

Whether shadows or past stories, I work with you to reclaim and own what's truly yours.


Bringing the unconscious into light

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.
—Carl Jung

Through exercises, I guide you to notice your thought and behavioural patterns.


Opening up to a new way of being

We are what we practice.

To enable the change process, I customise practices for you to support your growth and develop qualities manifesting your desired change.

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