the space to be

Gift your soul the space to breathe and express its truth.
Come on in, I'll be your guide on this journey.


Take a pause.

Show up as you are.

Allow yourself to rest in this moment

of light and beauty.

Here, you have the permission

to simply



I am Rosslyn.

How may I support your unfoldment?


Integral Coaching

Unleash your potential—become who you want to be to pursue your dreams.

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Somatic Inquiry

Explore the ocean of your being, uncover the truth of who you are.

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Circle of Truth

A safe space for people to practice presence and do The Work.


What clients have said

"Rosslyn's summaries, observations, and questions guided me in going deeper and picking exactly the right places that needed attention... read more

"...her compassionate presence were very powerful for me. Rosslyn was fully present, I could be myself and have my own experience and be supported..." read more

"...Rosslyn has put me at total ease and allowed me to explore those areas I have suppressed and from that I have become a better and happier person." read more

I am a poet too.

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